Well, Ed, Emma and I decided we would bypass Guadaloupe after departing Montserrat and cruise all night since we had smooth seas and get a jump on our schedule. This morning, we arrived at Martinique. Boy, I wish I had taken that Rosetta Stone French course, cause everyone speaks French here.
The seas were perfect! What a delight.
That being said, I backed Great Mates II into the skiniest slip ever. No pylons, only bouy’s and lines. Well, we didn’t hit anything so I consider one more successful dockage. Ed proved an excellent coach and Emma; a great line thrower.
I walked to Customs to check in only to find I needed my ORIGINAL boat registration papers…so I walked back to retrieve those. Then walked back again to give them to the customs agent.
Note….if I were to help make an improvement in global economy, I would standardize the Customs and Immigration forms. So far, the French have it down the best.
Our Salon AC unit is not working so we have requested a worker. He was to arrive today at 2:00. It is now 3:30 and he’s not here yet.
This marina is FULL. And, it is HOT! But, Due to the structures, and language, I really get the feeling of being in a different country. We hung our laundry out to dry over the bow. Maybe I will check out the French beaches….
We will stay here for a few days before venturing on to St Lucie. Ed and Emma wish to zip line and do a canapé walk. Maybe I will too. Or, maybe I will find a nice little French spa and some shopping.
Gods peace and understanding….