We have arrived at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.

Relatively, smooth seas from Martinique, Fort of France.

This, Rodney Bay Marina, is the nicest Marina we have enjoyed since departing Sarasota FL! The docks are well constructed, and the Marina is VERY CLEAN. There are restaurants at the Marina ~ there’s a pool ~ they have a nice laundry drop off ~ they have a grand ships store (Chandlery) and the people are very helpful and nice and they all SPEAK ENGLISH! I could be content to stay here a bit BUT, I don’t think it is a safe hurricane hole. So, we will journey on to Trinidad later after stopping at a few other places.

Here’s an update….

This morning, a fellow came to work on the salon AC which entailed replacing a capacitor. No worries, everything working now.

After he did that, we began to prepare to depart Martinique. I went to Customs, Ed and Emma walked to the Marina office (a good hike in the heat) and after I finished at customs, I went back to the boat to finish getting ready to cruise. As soon as I opened the door, I said to myself and outloud….”OH NO!” I smelled the smoke of an electrical fire! I ran down to the engine room and opened the door and smoke was rolling out! HOLLY SHIT!! Ed was still gone, the starboard generator was running and I had no idea how to shut it off. I ran out to the gas dock to ask the workers to call the Marina office to get my husband back to the boat! They did but he had already left. NOW WHAT?!?!?

I ran down the dock stopping at our dockmates and pounded on their door to ask for help. They didn’t answer. I ran further and spotted another dockmate walking towards me. I said, “Please, help me….I have smoke coming from the engine room, it’s electrical, my husband is gone and I have no idea how to shut down the generator!” He ran back to the boat with me. Down to the engine room, he found a switch and turned it off. We then examined the wiring and it was melted, from the generator starter motor to the battery bank. We pulled down the smoke detectors in order to silence them and all was ok.


He (Clive) said, you’re ok…the boats ok”.

After that, Ed and Emma were walking down the dock. I said, “Ed we have a problem, but this man is our boats savior”. I began to explain. Off Ed and Clive went to the engine room. Ed explained that we have another generator (port side) and it’s seperate than the starboard generator. So, Ed started that generator and we were all good. After which, he started the main engine and we had the dockhands release our lines and we were off. Ed says I missed the sailing vessel to our starboard by inches…Oh well, I missed it, so that’s a good thing and off we went.

Just this morning after breakfast, Ed, Emma and I read from “Daily Guideposts” as usual. The scripture quoted from James 2:18 was, “Show me your faith without doing anything, and I will show you my faith by what I do”.

This man, Clive….he had a background with the British Royal Navy in heavy electonics. God has shown me His blessing, once again.

So now on to Saint Lucia….

We pulled into Rodney Bay Marina and the sight was lovely. That being said, I got a bit close to the docks previous to preparing to back in and SHIT, the dock hit low on my port side and crunch! A bit of damage.

We tied off, I went to customs as usual to check in and then on to the Marina office to check in and while there asked for someone who could rebuild our starter (for that Port Generator) AND, while we were tieing off, a fellow approached and said he did all kinds of boat maintenance. I asked him…”to encompass what?” To which he replied, “gel coat, waxing, fiberglass repair, etc.” Ed said, “can you fix that crunch?” He said, “yes, I will do a temporary fix tomorrow” as he understood we were going into the yards in Trinidad.

God provides! All kinds, all needs, all the time.

NOTE: Emma has learned well how to throw out lines,

We will stay here a few nights and rest, eat and enjoy some snorkeling and the beach.

May God be with those who have suffered storm damages.