It is May 19th, one day after my 56th birthday. I’ve learned and realized several things as I’ve shared before and here are some new thoughts.

The INFRASTRUCTURE of the Virgin Islands and the Islands south are lacking considerably. I have made commentary about roads but that’s just one… “creature comfort” that, the lack thereof, I have found distasteful.

The dirt in normal (?) places….the trash along the streets….heck it’s no wonder that island people feel comfortable in Brooklyn NY…not that ALL places in Booklyn are crappy. Ed and I have visited some places in Brooklyn that are wonderful. But here… trash, crappy apartments, little stores with just enough….suffice it to say, “I am a spoiled American” and I’m unafraid to admit it….because we worked (we worked our asses off) for what we have.

But now on….

Yesterday, Emma and I walked to the nearest beach. It was there that I had a glorious birthday celebration. These two Jamaican women came up to Emma and I and asked if we wanted an…”aloe vera massage”. I asked, “how much”? They said, $20.00U.S. dollars for your legs and feet and another “$10.00 for your back”. So to make a long story short, Emma and I both had both…..are you kidding? I’m saying to myself, I am on the beach in St. Martin, N. A. with one of my children and these two wonderful ladies want to expand our pleasure by giving us a massage with natural aloe vera that they have plucked from their own gardens. YEAH! This is good. Oh, and the massages….over an hour. I can deal with that.


I had taken clothing from our closets and drawers to box up and send back to Miss Amanda Wenz, our “house manager”. I put the clothing in trash bags in order to take them to the nearby FED EX shop so they may be put into boxes and shipped home.

1.5 hours later after filling out form after form after form we were told our total price for sending these clothes back home. Nearly $500.00 for two boxes. I was shocked! While in St. Thomas we also has sent home two boxes of clothes for less that $60.00.

Well, I figured; “we are in a different country and they are dealing with customs and all the red tape. It’s not their fault.” And, I wished to get the clothes home. So I agreed to the price and gave the FED EX agent my card. Then they said, “I’m sorry, we don’t take credit cards”. To which I blew my top!!!! “Are you kidding me? We have stood here for 1.5 hours, filled out all the requested forms, agreed to you rediculous price and now you tell me you only take cash?” How many people carry around $500.00 in cash?

So, I said, “forget it, give us our boxes back and we will find other methods. I know it’s not your fault but obviously FED EX needs some work.” So off, Ed, Emma and I walked back to the Marina with the loaned cart and put the boxes back on board.

This all being said, my opinion thus far of the Carribean Islands is that I am not impressed. I prefer the west coast of FL….specifically, Sarasota. This is a place I think I will end up. Research continues…..

Tomorrow or Saturday destination is St. Kits. Then; onto Antiguilla.

Thank you for reading my rant. Thank you for following our journey.

God’s blessings and peace,