This morning, after a good breakfast, we all three got in the dingy and headed to what we thought we the Peake Yacht office. However, we just did not see it. There were ships and boats of all kinds and as we looked at the old dilapidated buildings along the shore, we saw nothing that said “Peake Yaghts”. We pulled up along side a fairly large 180′ or so work boat with dark skinned men aboard and I yelled up….”do you know where Peake Yachts is?” To which they replied, “don’t know” in some foreign language. So we moved on; while looking at the VERY black sky coming over the mountain top and hence decided we would postpone our journey to later after the rain was finished. GOOD MOVE!
The rains came hard and fast… all the while we were comfy inside Great Mates II having margaritas.

After eating up the left overs in the frig, we said, “lets head out”. Hence, we got back in the dingy and motored around until we found the Peake Yachts office. Upon checking in and getting all the paperwork with which to store our vessel, we walked and walked and walked to search out the land of boats. Big ships, little sailing vessels from ALL OVER, and “regular” boats. Some stored on the hard already and others being prepared to be stored.

Do you know that an up charge for storage on the hard is GREASE on the chalks of which the boat is stored in order that creepy crawlies cannot get up to the boat. Yep, I’m all about that grease!

Also, please note, I have learned that the best pest control (as well as many other uses) is BORAX. Plain old Borax, laundry detergent, pest control, cleaner, etc.

Now, on to my story for the day.

We watched a movie while enjoying the rainy day and then decided it was time to venture out once again.

Here’s my moment….I watch Ed and Emma prepare the dingy to launch and move. They each know what to do in order to make a smooth boarding for me. How lucky am I? They both have scraps, cuts on their hands from the cables and ropes; but me? None of the above. I just get in and ride.

So at the end of the day….it’s been a good day. Check out the pictures to get an idea of the variety of this place.

Gods peace and understanding,