My love of nautical life has taken me all over the world.  I have explored everything from canals and rivers to lakes and oceans.  I captained our Cheoy Lee long distance trawler throughout the waters of the Midwest, Southern US, South Atlantic, and through the Caribbean.  It is from these experiences that I confidently facilitate any and all travel on the waters of the world for my clients by small cruise ship, large cruise ship, private yacht or expedition ships.

This is why I am also a member of the Virtuoso Voyages Community.  Some clients prefer not to travel by water.  They want to view the water from a great resort or spa.  As a Virtuoso Wellness Advisor, I can design the perfect trip as we promote health, happiness, and well-being!

There are a select few clients that prefer to travel by private jet.  I can help!  Living a purpose-driven life and serving my clients travel needs brings me joy!

Lisa L. Prosser

Founder of Chartwell Luxury Travel, LLC.