Ed double checked our mileage traveled since departing Sarasota. 1900 nm in 46 days and we’re not done yet!

So here we are an anchor in Grenada, “The Spice Island”. We are rolling side to side constantly which doesn’t make for a pleasant anchorage but it is what it is. Raising and lowering the dinghy is difficult and a bit dangerous so we hope for calmer waters later today.

A few facts about Grenada….

This is a relatively small island. Grenada is 21 mi long and 12 mi wide. The interior is a lush rain forest and the island is a major producer of nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, cocoa and other spices and flavorings. Jimmy Buffet writes about spending time here as did his grandfather who captained a large freighter for exporting.
There’s a spice plantation and a nutmeg-processing plant that we might visit today. St. George is the capital of Grenada. I think this is the last of the Eastern Caribbean islands that uses EC’s (Eastern Caribbean dollars) for it’s money. Currently the exchange rate is fixed at EC $2.67 to US $1.00.
Our Latitude is N11.59.977 x Longitude W061.45.825.
Grenada has white-sand beaches as well as black-sand beaches. It is common to see down 100′ of clear turquoise/emerald green water so snorkeling is awesome. One historical fact…there’s a place called Carib’s Leap on the islands northernmost tip. Carib’s Leap is the 100-foot vertical cliff from which the last of the indigenous Carib Indians flung themselves into the sea in 1651. After losing several bloody battles with European colonists, they chose to kill themselves rather than surrender to the French.

Based on our “Clearpoint” weather update, tomorrow will be our best travel day so about 2:00 a.m. we will pull up anchor and head down island 85 m to our final destination, Trinidad!

God’s peace,

Lisa, Ed and Emma
(aka: Ginger, Fillippi, Kuzi Suzi)

The pay toilets in St. Martin
Sunrise at Montserrat
Captain Ed ~ calling home via our satellite phone