It’s time for a new chapter in our lives to begin. Since yesterday was the day of Epiphany, I suppose it appropriate.

Today, monies will be wired from the bank account of Captain Briggs into our accounts and “Great Mates II” will become “Chartwell” once again.

Here’s how this all came about.

Captain Larry (Lawrence Briggs) sold “Chartwell” to us in April of 2009. At the time of negotiation he stated that he had two boats and that we could purchase either one. “Chartwell” ~ a 1978 Cheoy Lee 55′ Trawler or “Neptunes Chariot” ~ an 80′ Long Distance Trawler. Neptunes Chariot is a magnificent vessel but clearly out of our price range. Besides, we wanted something we could captain ourselves. So, we agreed on the 55′ Long Distance Trawler on which Captain Larry had circumnavigated twice in 14 years.

In early summer of 2011, Captain Larry emailed us from Malaysia and said that an Australian gentleman had purchased “Neptunes Chariot” so he was now going to look for something smaller. I knew at that time that he wanted “Great Mates II” back. After several months of emails and phone calls, we agreed on a deal with one inclusion. I said, “Captain, we will sell “Great Mates II” back to you IF you modify your Will that upon your death, we have first rights to purchase her from your Estate”. He agreed.

Ed flew to Trinidad to meet Captain and today “Great Mates II” becomes “Chartwell” once again. (I wonder what King Neptune has to say about this process???)

As I took my walk this morning in the brisk Indiana air, I thought of taking walks in the mornings in Sarasota. I had listened to the Laughing Gulls chat and admired the palm trees as they grace the grounds of Marina Jacks and smelled the sea air. This morning in Mooresville IN I smelled the pine trees, breathing in the chilly air, watched the squirrels chase each other about and listened to the beauty of the cardinals singing their songs.

It’s time to enjoy home as we have known it since our birth’s. We’ve had an amazing 2.5 years aboard our home, ‘Great Mates II’ and now we look towards the New Year through God’s vision.

What new bountiful joys will come our way? 33 years of a grand marriage is something few have had. 33 years of truly Great Mates have lifted our eyes ready to be in awe. Dear Lord, what’s next?

Blessings, Lisa
“Personal Travel Advisor” for
The Travel Agent, Inc.
Carmel IN