Indeed this is a different dock than ever we’ve been on before.

We are the ONLY trawler at Crown Bay Marina ~ there’s a few fishing boats (as you will see in the photos later) a few big yachts and the rest is just sail boats. Both dual hull and single hull. Sail boats from everywhere!

I spoke about our friends, Ruth and Koni from Switzerland. Their boat is now loaded on a big transport ship and is headed for France. Then there was Michael, the Russian Captain next to us who is now off with his 1st Mate to New York. Then yesterday we met Frank who’s boat will be loaded on a transport and it’s being taken back to Isle of Man off the coast of England. Then the sailboat two slips away is from Estonia. I’ve been introduced to country flags I’ve never known before. Then there’s the HUGE sailboat (see pix later) that’s headed back via transport to Spain. The Captain (a young blond fellow from I think Sweden said, “no more Caribbian, hello Meditranian”.

He and his young strong crew have worked non-stop since they arrived preparing the boat to be transported. They have to take down everything from the top, store it, secure everything down below and then they will fly to Spain and meet the boat, unload it and put everything back together. Not an easy task by ANY means. Especially when one is dealing with a multi-million vessel!

There’s alot of racing sailboats that have been competing down islands and now they are loading their boats to compete elsewhere ~ mostly Europe.

Ed and I took a dinghy ride yesterday. We headed into downtown St. Thomas, got stopped by the US Coast Guard (see pix later), they checked our credentials and off we went to tie up at the seawall, walked into town and went to a little restaurant called Gladys. Our friends Craig and Kim Rutkai (see pix later) introduced us to this little place which is highly rated.

Speaking of Craig and Kim, they came to pick us up in their tender (dinghy), we had packed a cooler of drinks and food and off we went to Honeymoon Beach for the day. Beautiful water, neat beach with a little drink stand called “Gloria’s”. There were only a few other people there so it was like our own private strip of sand in the world.

Well, Ed and I have to head to the store so I better sign off.

Happy Derby Day! Gods peace and blessings,