Well, I am beginning to feel a sense of great accomplishment…..since departing our beloved Sarasota on April 16th, we have traveled many miles; probably 2500 but Ed will double check via the chart plotter which keeps a trail for us.

We spent Memorial Day at anchor in Carriacou; and after reading our daily devotion on the back deck after breakfast, we each had a moment of thought about how grateful we are for those whom have fought for our country.

Each area we stop has its own history of initial discovery/ wars over who owns that island/ and dates of events. It appears to me each island has had its occupancy/ownership battles mostly between the French and Great Britain. Of course there is a history of slavery and abolishment on each island.

Fellow boaters understand that at times cruising out in the big water can get pretty boring so, one will make up entertainment. Today as we pulled anchor from Carriacou, we passed three HUGE rocks which did not appear to be inhabited. So while sitting in the pilot house, we determined we would lay claim to those rock/islands.

One has been proclaimed, “Ginger” ~ Queen of Callie, then the next, “Phllippe”, King of Rhonde, and the last, “Kuzi Suzi”, Queen of Kick em Jenny.

Now, the island names are on our charts….the rest we just made up. Then of course, we added in our conversation that dear friend, Captain Craig would be allowed to open his bar on one of our islands….his bar being one that he only wears his lime green mankini and the waitresses wear lime green bikinis and everyone has a kuzi for their cold drinks with a picture of the face of Kuzi Suzi!

Silly….but fun and self-entertaining.

We will stay here until Thursday at which time we will depart around 2:00 a.m. and begin our last leg of our journey to Trinidad.

Personal note…..I am grateful to God for a safe passage. He answers prayers!

Personal note #2….I am also grateful to my husband who indeed, without question is the Captain of Great Mates II. This man can fix damned near anything that breaks, he transfers fuel as needed, empties the bilges as needed as well as the grey water tanks, he activates the water maker so we have plenty of fresh water with which to shower, do laundry and wash dishes. He also anchors the boat while I position with forward/backward/port/starboard wheel. He also takes over the wheel when I “loose it”. Captain Ed! Salute`!

Personal note #3….Emma Kay has done a grand job of learning/helping do whatever/keeping the ropes (lines) coiled neatly on the deck, putting out bumpers needed on approach/dockage and navigating. Good job kiddo! You’ll make a grand captain some day if you wish!

Done for now ~ will post pix when I can; and there are some great photos.