For the followers of our blog….I herewith submit explanations of the photos posted.

The big ship of which I took a picture off our bow is (as identified by our AIS system) the Robert J Bouchard. She is 173 meter long, 27 meters wide, has a 23 ft. draft and is traveling to NY. We took her photo off the coast of Cuba. (I think; or it may have been Haiti).

The sunrise pix I took as we are off the coast of Puerto Rico…..Sunrise; beautiful! This was ONE MORNING that I could acutally stand my watch. Out of 8 days cruising, I could only stand my watch (4-8 both a.m. and p.m.) 3 days. I just was so sick and could hardlu get up to pee, let alone stand watch and care for Great Mates II and the other vessels in this mighty ocean.

Now…the DINGHY pix you see is of little “Matey” that due to extremely rough weather was litterly HANGING BY ONE CABLE! Thankfully, (read my prevouis blog entry), Ed and Curt resuced the dinghy and resecured her so she is not lost. Whew….I was SCARED!

The other picture is Ed and Curt up on the flybridge as Ed was lowering the paravanes down (see one hand has the controls and the other the rope to control lowering). When we get out in the “big water”, we lower these paravanes (“flopper stoppers”) in order to reduce our rolling side to side.

So now that is all the practicals of living aboard Great Mates II and making a SIGNIFICANT passage. On to more fun stuff next entry.

Gods peace and understanding.