This morning, Chief Engineer “Philippi”, 1st Mate “Kuzi Suzi” and me, Captain “Ginger”, all arrived safe and feeling pukey at the Simpson Bay Marina and Yacht Club about 9:45. We anchored out….somewhere, about 6:00 a.m. so we could get some rest from the night of horrible weather, big waves from every direction, lightening, and scattered belongings as a result of our little ship being tossed around. Great Mates II did just fine with exception to the main engine room big blower quitting, BUT, the boat can take alot more than can we. We’re alive and safe, that’s all that matters.

We will be here until perhaps Friday after which we will continue our cruise south….maybe next stop will be in St. Vincent, Grenada. I much prefer short day cruises, 4-6 hours, perfect! More than that, it just gets tough, especiallly when one is being tossed about by that mighty ocean.

I once heard Goldie Hawn recall advice from her father. “Goldie, if you ever get feeling too big for your britches, look out there at that might ocean”. Enough said!

It is my sense of things that we will have smooth waters from here on to our final destination, Peake Yacht Boatyards/Marina in Trinidad. I do preach to expect positive outcomes, so I’m doing just that!

As to the nicknames….those are given to each of us by our dear friend and chief imaginary, Captain Craig Rutkai. These “Terms of Endearment” were given over much laughter and story telling so we’ll just leave it at that.

It is hot here, damn hot. But there is a constant breeze so unless you are standing in the sun for more than 20 minutes, it’s pleasant.

We are on the Dutch side of St. Marten and the people seem very friendly and helpful. We will find out if there are any difference’s when we journey by cab or dinghy to the French side, Saint Martin.

For those who are following that are not boaters, I will explain “checking in” when you go to a different country.

Upon arrival, I, as Captain of the vessel, have to take my packet of; all passports of those aboard, boat registration and any previous check-in documentation papers. The rest of the people have to stay onboard until I return. During this time, our yellow (Quarantine) flag must be flown. This time, the yacht club worker took me in their dinghy to the Customs and Immigration Office. I walked in, ask to check-in, they give me papers to fill out, I did so, then showed my boat registration papers, all passports and they checked everything, ask a few questions (like most customers officers) and then gave everything back and send me to another window which, is where I gave them all the papers from the previous window, the passports, the boatpapers and pay the money. To check in here, it was $61.00 US. That’s $40.00 for the people and $21.00 for the bridge fee.

To get here, there’s one bridge that we had to await opening on the Bridge Masters schedule. The boats that are INSIDE the bay, get to come OUT first, then it’s the turn for the boats that want to come IN to the bay. Funny!

Well, that’s all for now. I could write so much more but fear it may become boring.

God’s blessing and peace,